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About GH Company

Welcome to the GH Company. We are a leading acrylic/plastic products distributor and manufacturer. We have the knowledge and experience to fill all your acrylic/plastic needs. GH Company has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and our products are the finest on the market.

All our products are proudly Made in the USA, at our centrally located design and manufacturing facility, in the City of Industry. We also feature state-of-the-art technology that puts GH Company head-and-shoulders above the competition. We hand-craft our products throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. 

Our products reflect and transcend light like no other product on the market today, while being offered at some of the best prices in the industry. Hand crafting allows us to produce excellent products that are known for their look, quality, design and durability that our competitors cannot match.  

Most of our competitors use molds to mass-produce their products, which produces an inferior product. Molded plastics tend to leave imperfections resulting from the molding process causing discoloration over time.Our customers benefit greatly from our hand-crafted, quality-first, attitude and spirit.

By designing and manufacturing our product line, we can control the quality of the product far better than companies who distribute similar products from the overseas market. We do our own printing in our City of Industry manufacturing and design facility which means we can add custom text and graphics to meet your company's needs at very competitive prices.

We run large and small production lots, and we also offer custom products to meet our customer's needs. GH Company can modify our existing product lines, or create new products with low, minimum order quantities at reasonable prices. We also offer injection molding technology products designed to meet our customers unique requirements.

GH Company was established in 1998 with a product line specializing in the manufacturing of fish tanks and aquariums. Our tanks are designed for both fresh and salt water fish and we offer a wide-range of tank and aquarium accessories designed to keep your tanks and aquariums running at optimum efficiencey..

In 2000 we began providing top-quality, hand-crafted, acrylic display frames such as stands, brochure holders and products designed specifically for the real estate industry. GH Company expanded its product line in 2006 to include acrylic sheets, rods and tubes.  We have invested in multiple, heavy-duty machineries in order to provide the highest quality product at the lowest possible prices.

We are a true manufacturer and not simply a distribution company for finished products. We have the equipment to satisfy our customers' needs and the expertise to deliver our products on a timely basis, and we stand behind our products with the best warranty terms in the industry. Our customers cut out the middleman when they buy from us, which means big savings for them.

Please call us for a will be glad you did.